bush, bin laden and my moms nought


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100% DIY album recorded at Cape Audio college (except Just Me and 15th June 2002 recorded at Paris studio) as part of a student project. You can certainly hear that Half Price still had a lot to learn. Nonetheless it is the album that kickstarted the lifestyle and paved the way for the 2004 release, Taking Life Seriously, which saw a number of these tracks recorded with greater finesse.


released January 1, 2003

Tamby Davidson, Paris studio


all rights reserved



HALFPRICE Cape Town, South Africa

Half Price is a Non-Profit Party-Punk band from Cape Town, South Africa. Since their start in 2001 they have over 25 national tours, eight international tours as well as six full length albums and one ‘best of’ album under their belt.

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Track Name: I Guess its War
I believe we should FIGHT for our freedom I think that we should die for what we believe in. If you think that it'll end up alright. That's bullshit cause it wont, No it won't. Look around at all the bullshit on TV Fucking adverts and sitcoms we never will be free from the capitalistic state of mind , that we've been taught so hard to find. Can you really believe this Shit ? can you BELIEVE THIS SHIT?. The rich man sits upon his profits, a pile 10000 feet high, While his controversial brother , lies face down in the gutter with nothing for his family and wife. And Now YOU tell me that's fair I'LL TELL YOU ITS NOT BECAUSE ITS NOT. - its not fair!!, (twynam bit) you cant tell me what to think and what to believe about the social boundaries carved in stone Can you even understand, why someone can have so much while others have nothing at all We've got nothing! I'm so sick of living life this way, always hoping for a better day - that never will come unless we FIGHT unless we FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT unless we FIGHT Against our selves (FIGHT)Against the world (FIGHT) Against the fucking bullshit t.v., telling us what products we should buy. I believe in a world of equality - where no ones better than anybody They called it communism and say it never worked but then tell me why was the cold war fought ? I can't believe that you all BOUGHT into all their lies they tried so hard to keep capitalism alive to support the hierarchy of money and power and human greed so the rich in charge can go for double espressos and smoked Norwegian salmon in clothes costing more than a poor fucking mans house.
Track Name: I Drink All Day
Beer beer beer beer beer fuck I know I have to study but I want to get drunk, I open up the fridge and all I see is beer I have one and then I have two more. 2 hours later I'm lying on the floor. I drink all day ,I drink alone ,I drink for fun its become my life its my life The next week looks the same I don't get fuckall studying done I drink a castle, and an amstel and a blacklable i drink as long as I am able. Monday morning I wake up I drink a beer to give me luck for my exam that starts at 9 I feel good I'm feeling fine I feel just.. fine I drink all day, I drink alone, I drink for fun, its my life. The exam starts now and I don't feel to fucking great The pages warping Oh my GOD I hope its not something I ate Tell me someone now is this my worst fucking day?, I guess it was not because I still passed anyway Criticize me all you want I wont listen for too long I hope you get the message in these fucking punkrock songs. I'm so sick of going through these daze my drinking is all I got living life in cheapskate ways just to pay for my next shot.
Track Name: Freedom
People ask me everyday, what do you do anyway how do you get money to stay alive you're always drunk so how do you drive. why cant they fucking see I don't want a proper job the rich are cunts and I find being poor I do not mind why can no one understand all I wanna fucking do is play in my punk rock band, and drink beer ( musical interlude). Politicians they all suck they just wanna earn a lot they lie to the world everyday, every single day In their capitalistic bullshit way. Terrorism's a way out destroy america and the g8 THEY ARE CORRUPT and should be burnt I just wanna be free even if freedom that means anarchy. The rich get richer the poor stay poor they call it freedom we're all equal, sure? The punk scene sucks its organized what happened to our spontaneous life were socially acceptable now(except germans). Anarchy's dead straight edge is the show but I refuse to change for you were not gonna join the fight cause we're to scared to die why can no-one understand all I wanna fucking do is play in my punk rock band and drink beer
Track Name: Just Me
Is it just me, Living in this life I go through all the days like it's all real important to me, but I don't care It's a world based on nothing else except a fucking monetary policy, why can't you see, Can't you fucking see what seems so fucking clear to me everyone just sits and stares at the t.v. so fucking blankly everyone's around but there is still nothing I can say You wouldn't believe the whole truth any way , anyway. Do it pete We live in a world defined by the past accepting the media if anyone asks, am I alone is it just me why can't you see , Is it just me. The government tells us how they're gonna change our lives but do you think they really care for you….NO do you think they really give a fuck who we are So we're all gonna go on believing, in a better world, we've got no other choice
Track Name: 15 June 2002
Oi Oi Oi hog hog hog hog HOG HOG We're gonna tell you a ….story about June 2002 we were in Bloemfontein now so tell me where the fuck were you we went to play an all age show with curb dogs and fuzigish and to get fucking drunk and see some ……… Woke up hung-over at about 12 o'clock and saw Lucas the dog he seemed to like Jarod a lot cause when he was boning his nought you never heard him say STOP. And we still…. Felt so fucking kuck from the long drive on the way up and no-one had any spare bucks I felt we'd all run out of luck we swore like troopers on the stage to kids who never act their age and And then the fun begun…. Then we headed down to the nudie bar we all fitted into the Germans car Zoltan looked like he had a lot of fun Gareth's new life had just begun the Eager Beaver it changed his life it changes his whole fucking life. I like big fat titties in my face where at the Eager Beaver place where in my fucking face at the Eager Beaver Eager Beaver Ian and Ryan the married guys failed to realise that half price could be such dirty fucking guys. Just When you…………… Thought it was over and we'd all go the fuck home, Paul and Jay Bones were screaming and shouting saying GO GO GO. And a good fucking time was had by all those who went and I spent all my cash every single last cent but it was worth it in the end cause I made some new friends and now I cant wait to fucking do it again.

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